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Haiku Learning is a full suite of beautiful, cloud-based tools designed to get you up and running with digital learning in minutes.

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Why Choose Haiku?

Interactive, engaging online content in a few simple clicks

Haiku Learning revolves around your content. Create classroom pages, add and organize content blocks, change layouts, and publish whenever you’re ready. Embed content from YouTube, Google Docs, Maps, Skype and dozens of other third-party services or create your own from scratch. And when you’ve crafted the perfect classroom page? Resource sharing in Haiku lets you share your classes, pages, and content blocks with any other Haiku user--and use content in your own class created by other teachers.

Cloud-Based Content Creation and Sharing

Assignments, feedback, and grades in one place: your browser

Haiku Learning is designed to let you spend more time teaching and less time managing assignments, tracking down homework, and grading papers. Quickly create assignments, have students hand in digital files, provide online comments and feedback, annotate digitally, and leave a grade--it’s all there on the record and in your gradebook, no extra steps required. When you are ready to measure student progress with quizzes or tests, create and distribute them online with a variety of question and answer types.

Assignments, Feedback, and Grades

Administration headaches are a thing of the past

Forget about servers, memory, software updates, extra IT capital, client installations, and all the other headaches that come with managing your own installation. Haiku lives in the cloud where your data is secure and you’re always running the latest version of our software. Integrations with Google Apps and student information systems keep your data in sync across platforms, and features like content sharing make bringing your teachers onboard painless. Should you run into any issues, our support team is unmatched in their responsiveness, friendliness, and all around awesomeness.

School & District Administration

Our Key Features

Google Apps for Education

Use your Google Apps for Education login to access Haiku Learning, and seamlessly integrate Google Docs/Drive.

Designed for K-12

Haiku Learning is unique in the learning management space for its focused design on K-12 environments.

Standards-Based Learning Platform

Has your school made the switch to standards-based grading? Haiku Learning is ready with complete standards integration.

Beautiful Mobile Apps

Put those student tablets and mobile devices to good use. Our iOS and Windows 8 apps provide a unique approach to your students online experience.

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Haiku Learning makes it easy for teachers to focus on student learning instead of technology.
Chris Bell
District Coordinator-Instructional Technology
Saddleback Valley Unified School District

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Ready for a crash course in creating a K-12 online education program with Haiku Learning? Then join us for a webinar that covers everything from creating classroom websites to managing student and teacher ePortfolios.

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Learn by experience. Sign up for a free teacher account and receive 5 classes and 2GB of storage--no strings attached, no credit card required. Need more classes/space? See our upgrade prices in the pricing FAQ.

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