A huge boost for blended learning: digital resources edging out textbooks

If you need evidence of how quickly of print resources are giving way to digital materials, a recent deal between Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Detroit public schools provides a perfect case-in-point. As reported by The Boston Globe on October 29, the $40 million, multi-year deal includes the sale of some textbooks, but largely provides the district with software like Learning Village to deliver educational resources and to connect students and teachers to a virtual network.

This is a huge step forward for online and blended learning because it further underscores the increasing momentum and success of digital learning. Such a shift to digital content ensures that schools will be able to keep content current and ultimately to tie that content directly into their online classrooms to provide students with even more resources.

There are a number of content providers that are already publishing great content for students, and this latest announcement is just one more indication that digital information is here to stay.