Homework Annotator: Over 25,000 Documents Graded!

That’s right! In the three short months since we released the homework annotator - Haiku LMS users have already processed over 25,000 documents. That’s a lot of grading!

How Does it Work?

Here’s the thing, it is so incredibly easy to use the homework annotator. Those who tried it have figured that out. Consider this scenario: Student submits homework using the dropbox in Haiku LMS. Teacher opens homework document in Haiku LMS. Teacher annotates homework assignment in Haiku LMS. Teacher closes document and returns to student via the dropbox in Haiku LMS. See the theme here? That’s right – it’s all done in Haiku LMS. No downloading, opening, updating, saving, uploading… “Now where did I put that?” required.

What Kind of Docs Can I Annotate?

Using the annotator, you can write on top of Word documents, Excel documents and even PDF’s. And again, all of this is done right within your browser - using Haiku LMS. This works nicely with the Google Docs integration that we’ve already told you about. Students can seamlessly pull in their Google documents and teachers can annotate until their hearts desire.

Math & Science Homework, Too?

Oh yes, if you are a math or science teacher you will love the annotator! Our friends at TutorTrove have done a terrific job making it easy to use symbols and formulas as well. "We saw math and science teachers trying to make other annotators fit their needs." says Eli Luberoff, Founder and CEO of TutorTrove. "We are pleased to fix this pain with the powerful math and science tools we've brought to the annotator in the Haiku LMS." Once you know a few tips and tricks you can easily add and edit those seemingly difficult symbols.  

In Conclusion.

It’s worth your time to give it a try if you have not already done so. “Combining the homework annotator with the ability to seamlessly use Google Docs in Haiku LMS is going to save teachers and students an amazing amount of time,” says Bryan Falcón, Haiku Learning’s CEO. “That means we are doing our job.” 

Get Started.

If you're already a user, check out our video to see how you can begin using the homework annotator. If you really want to dig in, you can view our recorded Webinar where TutorTrove explains the annotator in detail. New users can create a free account and set up your own Haiku class to try the homework annotator and all our other features!