Flip Your Mind By Flipping Your Classroom

Sometimes things make more sense upside down or inside out. Or rather, sometimes greater understanding comes from changing perspective and rethinking traditional approaches. (Perhaps even "Thinking Thoughts No One Has Thunk.") As it relates to teaching and learning, Knewton's Flipped Classroom Infographic clearly shows how shifting in- and out-of-class emphases can make a huge difference. The Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

This type of innovation is what Haiku LMS was born to enable. It's why our LMS encourages teachers to post rich media like videos and podcasts, and why ePortfolios and WikiProjects are cornerstones of the Haiku experience. And when your flip calls for tools we don't have on hand yet, you're welcome to bring your own along through Embed the Web and MiniSites.

As you innovate and educate, how are you flipping?