Making a Move from Moodle? Haiku Now Makes It Easier With Imports

Import content from Moodle into Haiku LMS

When you’ve worked hard to create an online classroom or website in one learning management system, it’s daunting to think about having to redo your work in another LMS. Well, if you use Moodle and make the move to Haiku LMS, now you can bring much of your content along.

Easily Import Content From Moodle Into Your Haiku LMS Class

We’ve taken a phased approach to importing content. In this first release, teachers can export their content in what Moodle calls “Topical Format.” Haiku LMS will import pages, text, and images. Our KnowledgeBase article provides specific information, including the how-to.

This release of Haiku LMS includes other fixes and minor changes, too. Read the complete release notes.