Haiku is on the go....on the move....MOBILE!

We need your help: We just released a beta version of Haiku for the iPad, and now we need feedback!

What You'll Experience in Haiku Mobile

Haiku Mobile is meant to be as easy to use as Haiku in your computer's browser, and that means different interactions for touch interfaces. Because we’re in a beta phase, you’ll find that we’re still implementing features and refining the way things work.

Much of what you already see in Haiku is ready and waiting in Mobile. You'll see the same class content you have in Pages and Calendar, and you'll see Announcements, Assessments, Assignments, Discussions, and Dropbox.

One major improvement in the mobile web app is the Universal Inbox, which aggregates messages from all your Haiku classes into one Inbox! In the app, you no longer have to go into each class to see messages - they’re all available in a central location!

One important note: the app is a read-only in the beta release. In the coming weeks and months we’ll add the ability to interact and update content. And we’ll roll out Mobile for other devices, too.

How to Access Haiku Mobile (and Give Us Feedback)

Get your iPad ready and then:

  1. Open your Haiku LMS domain in Safari
  2. Sign in
  3. In the upper right-hand corner click “My Account” and choose “View Mobile Site”

The screen will refresh and (ta-da!) you’ll be using the web app on your iPad. (At this point you may want to bookmark the app or add an icon.)

When you get going, make notes of what you like and what you don’t. Tell us in our UserVoice forum set up specifically for Haiku Mobile. If you visit the forum and see that someone else has already reported what you're about to then your job is simple: Cast your vote for that issue or idea so we know more people have seen it or want it!

And those of you who aren’t using Haiku Mobile have big things coming your way in 2012, too. Check out our plans for next year, and let us know what you think!