Four Hot New Features Available Now

Today marks our second major upgrade release of the year, and we are excited to be rolling out four major features that we’ve been cooking up for quite some time.

First, we now offer the ability to design and publish what we’re calling Extras! When used in combination with role-based classes, Extras will serve as a powerful tool for schools providing resources related to libraries, media & technology, sports, clubs, and even professional development for teachers. (See how!) Extras help to keep your Haiku portal organized via a new global filter that separates traditional academic classes from Extras.

We also rolled out Gradebook Sorting.  Teachers now have powerful sorting options directly in the Haiku Gradebook which allow you to control the order in which assignments appear. (See how!)  It's perfect for when your class doesn't necessarily run in chronological order.  We think anyone running self-paced classes (especially at virtual and cyber schools) will absolutely love this.

We've also enabled Restricted Access Assessments & Restricted Access Results.  Haiku now contains a suite of new features to help teachers better manage assessments in a proctored or lab environment.  With a Restricted Access Assessment, students can only access the exam with a password provided by the proctor.  Similarly, teachers can now post exam results with the added security of an exam-specific password. (See how!)

Finally, for our domain administrators, we've added a small (but mighty) feature to manually create School Years in Haiku.  This is the perfect solution for when teachers are working ahead to plan for next year before your SIS system is ready to go there! (See how!)