New to Haiku! Badging, Credly Integration & Profiles

Today is a big day for the Haiku community! This weekend, we launched a set of built-in Badging tools, giving you all a whole new way to recognize student achievement. Teachers can now create custom badges and award them to students. These badges can be showcased on our brand-new student Profile pages. Along with Standards-Based Grading, Badging is part of our ongoing efforts to make Haiku the best learning management system for getting teachers, students, and parents the rich feedback they need to succeed.

Badging, Built Into Haiku Learning

Providing appropriate and meaningful feedback to students is a crucial part of every educator’s mission. Badging in Haiku Learning gives teachers an exciting new tool for providing positive reinforcement and for publicly acknowledging a student’s achievements.

History Buff Badge

With Badging, schools can manage their own lists of custom badges - and teachers can create personal badges that are tailored to their individual classrooms. Teachers can award students with badges to recognize that they’ve met certain goals or that they’ve completed certain achievements. That badge is then proudly displayed in the student's Profile (see below) as a fun and memorable way to encourage student success.

Credly Logo

Credly: Integrate With the Industry Leader in Online Digital Badging

Along with Haiku’s own Badging tools, we’re thrilled to offer seamless, easy integration with the widely beloved Credly digital badge platform. Once a school or a teacher links Haiku Learning with Credly, all badges created within Haiku Learning will be automatically synced to Credly, and any badges awarded by a teacher in Haiku Learning will be awarded within Credly, too. This makes it easy for students to publish and display their badges to broader audiences - and to maintain their portfolio of badges long after they’ve graduated from their current school.

Profiles: Wear Your Badges With Pride

Within Haiku, each teacher and student account now has a Profile where they can display their badges. Depending on the privacy settings school administrators choose for your domain, users can view their own Profiles, or their Profiles can be viewed by parents, teachers, and peers!

As always, we here at Haiku Learning love to hear from you. If you’d like to let us know what you think about our new features, or if there’s anything else we can do to help, please e-mail our team at