New from Haiku: A New Look, a New School Year, and Google Apps Changes are on the Way!

For most of us, August brings with it falling leaves and the start of school. For those of us at Haiku Learning, the summer simply flew by! We’ve been hard at work with several start-of-school projects and are excited to welcome you back to enjoy the fruits of labor.

A Shiny New Look!

If you haven’t already checked out the new design refresh, when you login you will see that Haiku Learning has a new look. From Haiku Learning’s first day, balancing a streamlined feature set with good looks has always been top of mind. Now with our third major refresh, we are pleased to show off our most recent, mobile-inspired interface. For a complete list of what has been changed and updated during the refresh, take a look at our summer release notes for versions 9.0, 9.1, and 9.1.1.

Ready for the New School Year...All Systems Go!

Over the past year, we have been working on eliminating single points of failure in our server architecture. We are pleased to be kicking off the school year with a High Availability system fully operational, which allows us unprecedented redundancy in the face of critical server issues. To test our readiness, last week we commenced Operation Chaos Panda, simulating system failures to test just how redundant we are. We are pleased to say that our new system held up to the challenge.

Google Apps Changes Are on the Way!

In just a few weeks, those of you using Haiku’s Google Apps integration will see a few changes. We will be replacing Haiku Learning’s custom document selector with the Google Drive picker, which, when creating content, will be like having a mini Google Drive embedded in your Haiku Learning class. From the new picker, you’ll be able to see folders, an expanded list of file types, and even embed maps and videos! We will be in touch with our Google Apps schools with further details about these changes this week.

For more information on other changes and fixes that went out this weekend, check out our Version 9.2 release notes from this Friday’s launch.

Welcome back!