Assignments, Feedback, and Grades

Spend less time giving assignments, grading papers, and dealing with cumbersome technology and more time fostering learning in your classroom.

Assignments with More

Students may never be on board with homework, but that doesn't mean it has to be painful for you too. The assignments you create show up inside your lesson, your students’ calendars, and in your gradebook. Students know right where to hand-in documents, see your feedback, and share their own thoughts and questions.

Annotate in the Browser

Haiku Learning’s online annotation enables paper-free grading with a virtual pen. Students hand in assignments online, you open, annotate and grade homework straight from your browser. No papers to forget at school, no highlighter-stained fingers.

Assess Knowledge with Ease

Poll, quiz, and examine what your students know with Haiku Learning’s easy to create assessments. Get unparalleled flexibility with our multiple question types including true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and short answer/essay as well as imported question sets from third-party assessment software like StudyMate. Optionally, allow students to practice, have multiple attempts, and receive hints along the way.

Attendance? Present!

Taking class attendance online is a no-brainer. With Haiku Learning we’ve taken it a step further by allowing you to customize your notations for present, absent, and tardy and even write notes-to-self and notes-to-student so that you have a complete record of what happened when. And when the time comes, you can export the info for reports, too.

A Non-Traditional, Traditional Gradebook

Haiku Learning’s gradebook provides easy navigation and quick entry of grades or marks through the desktop-like interface. Define your grading system and enter data as point values, percentages, or letter grades.

The real power of our gradebook is the full integration with our assignments, assessments, and discussions modules. This means that once you create an assignment, it’s automagically entered in your gradebook. Then when you enter a grade and comment in that assignment then Haiku Learning will record the info in your gradebook.

A New Standard in Grading

Teachers familiar with standards-based grading understand that learning is about more than tests and assignments. Learning is achieved when a student can demonstrate an understanding of key concepts or apply key skills with some level of mastery. Haiku Learning’s standards-based gradebook helps you define key learning goals for your classroom and measure student success against those goals.

Analytics, for Your Class

Why go to all the trouble of creating a class if you can't tell whether anyone is reviewing the material? Statistics are a great gauge for the number of visitors, where they spend their time, and even when they last logged in. What's more, statistics are a huge help in remediation; discover how a class is using resources to see how engaged they are.