Cloud-Based Content Creation and Sharing

With Haiku Learning, teachers can create engaging, interactive web pages, online projects, discussions and more in a few simple clicks.

Frustration-Free Classroom Websites

We’ll assume you didn’t become a teacher to spend your free time learning how to code and maintain a website. Quickly create hosted pages, add blocks of interactive content, and publish for your students and their parents to access. Update page layouts with Haiku Learning’s simple drag and drop interface, and choose a theme to give your site some personality. Already have a web site? Import it with the MiniSites feature.

The Whole Web in Your Hands

With Haiku Learning’s Embed the Web™ technology you can use interactive content from dozens of external web services—from TED talks to Google Maps—in your class, allowing students to easily access the resources they need in a contained and focused environment. And if the entire web isn't enough? Widely available LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) Modules like flash cards, quizzes, and other interactive activities integrate seamlessly with your class pages.

Collaborative Projects, Wiki-Style

Using Haiku Learning’s WikiProjects, students can work together as an entire class, in groups, or as individuals to post text, links, photos, videos, and more to project pages within your classroom website. Students have access to nearly all the tools you use to create and post content like Embed the Web™. Watch progress, leave feedback, and grade the project upon completion.

Give Students a Voice

Student engagement is a two-way street. With Haiku Learning you can allow your students to participate by leaving comments on any of the content you create or setting up discussions to start a dialog with your whole class, a group of students, or one-on-one. Need quick feedback from students and parents? Create a poll and ask away!

Safe, Spam-Free Communication

Haiku Learning’s internal messaging system works just like email, but unlike email it’s completely secure and spam-free. Need to get the word out quickly? With Haiku Learning you can post reminders and announcements that won’t go unnoticed. Students will see notifications as soon as they sign in to Haiku Learning, but can also be notified via text or email.

See the Big Picture

While other systems organize by lists, Haiku Learning’s portal provides students a big picture view of the latest scores, assignments, grades, announcements, and activity in all of their classes. The calendar (left) gives you and your students an overview of dates for all classroom activities from assignments to tests to field trips.

Share Your Content, and Borrow from Others

You’ve worked hard to craft your classroom content, so let the world know! Resource sharing in Haiku Learning is a great way to share your classes, pages, and content blocks with any other Haiku Learning user--and use content in your own class created by other teachers.

Easy ePortfolio

Creating and maintaining a student portfolio may seem hard, but our ePortfolio streamlines the process so your students can easily capture content from any of their classes to showcase in their personal portfolio. Schools and districts can create templates to kick-start the creative process, and portfolios can be exported as a portable website in HTML.