Beautiful Mobile Apps

Haiku Learning for iPad and Windows 8 are our two new tablet apps designed as mobile companions to your online classroom experience. The unique interfaces keep you and your students organized and up-to-date with the latest happenings in your classroom.

Download our apps today in the iTunes App Store and Windows 8 App Store.

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

You have a million things going on and so do your students. The Activities view in the Haiku Learning for iOS/Windows 8 gives you a quick view of upcoming assignments, assessments, calendar events, to-do items and more. Now there’s no reason to miss a due date, student council meeting, fundraiser event, or even spring break.

[iPad Screenshot | Windows 8 Screenshot]

Check It Off Your List

Your students (and you) have busy schedules with to-do’s scattered all over the place! What are the chances that they miss an assignment here and a rehearsal there? With our unique To-do Lists on each student’s tablet device, students can create their own custom lists and stay on top of their tasks.

[iPad Screenshot | Windows 8 Screenshot]

Rethinking Homework

No need to lug that stack of term papers to and from your classroom for grading. With the Haiku Learning mobile apps students can hand-in assignments directly from their device via Google Drive. But why stop there? Your students can capture video, photo or audio with their tablet camera or microphone as the homework itself! And best of all, you can provide video or audio feedback to your students’ work.

[iPad Screenshot | Windows 8 Screenshot]