Working at Haiku Learning

Haiku Learning provides a creative, relaxed environment that fosters good work, good fun, and healthy entrepreneurism. We are proud of our team, and we respect each other with recognition, responsibility, and mutual support.

Haiku Learning is an equal opportunity employer.

Emily Jeanes Emily Jeanes,
Sales Engineer
& Platform Evangelist

When you're surrounded by awesome folks and super smart developers who want to make the world a better place, how could you not feel that enthusiasm straight to your bones? But what really makes Haiku Learning stand out is (spoilers!) they think we're awesome, too. They know that personal growth, building your knowledge set, and tackling challenging problems are the best ways to support people. From Support Associate to Support Manager to Sales Engineer with a new love of coding, I never thought I'd be working with partners or fixing code on a product. But I'm pretty sure Haiku Learning always believed I could and pushed me to grow every day."

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Where We Are

We focus on hiring some of the most creative people in the world to help us transform education – regardless of where you live! We have main offices in Tucson, AZ and Goshen, IN, but more than half of our employees work from home all over the globe.

Virginia Whitehead Virginia Whitehead,
Marketing Manager

I love that Haiku Learning understands that employees today need some flexibility in their work lives. It’s about getting your work done well and working well with others. I work from home full time and between all the Google Hangouts we have, I see and talk to some of my colleagues more than when I used to work in an office building and everyone kept their doors shut! And — bonus! — I get to wear comfy sweats all day!

Our Work Spaces

As a distributed company, we enjoy the benefit of flexibility and independence in our work and our workspaces! We'll give you top notch technology and office essentials, but you make your space your own! See how some of our employees like to work best!

Benefits & Perks

Awesome technology & gear

A thought-leader we respect, Joel Spolsky, in his “12 Steps to Better Code” recommends buying staff the best tools money can buy to promote good (great) code. We agree – whether you code or not!

Paid flex time

You get plenty of flexible paid days off to use as you need, and you can carry them over to the next year. Plus, every year you work here, you accumulate more days!

Extra holiday time off

In addition to six company holidays throughout the year, everyone gets off December 24th – 31st. Save some vacation days for other important times of the year.

Birthdays and work anniversaries off

Happy Birthday - you get the day off! And to celebrate your employment anniversary full-time employees get one-half day off.

Options for physical and financial health

We’ve got your covered from medical to dental to vision. Choose the options that best fit your lifestyle. And we have a company-matching 401K to help you save for your future.

Orientation and ongoing training

Not only do we give you formal training on our platform, but we also believe in eating our own dog food. We use our platform for a variety of other purposes, like housing our Employee Guide and managing projects within departments. Some people even use it for personal projects like running a book club or coordinating a community play they directed! Enjoy the flexibility that makes Haiku Learning unique among the crowd.

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Retreats & Events

Every fall, the entire company comes together for a 5-day retreat, where we dream, scheme, and plan for the upcoming year. Collaborative working sessions during the day are followed by live music, campfires, and yummy food and drinks at night!

Daniel Thrall Daniel Thrall, Director
Community Care

"The annual company retreat is one of my favorite parts about working at Haiku Learning. It's a time to slow down and think about the big picture, figure out tiny nuts and bolts of daily processes, enjoy amazing (AMAZING!) food, sit around a camp fire and drink a beer (or iced tea) and soak up the beauty of the Arizona desert in November. I always leave retreat feeling energized about the work ahead and grateful to be working with such smart, kind people."

haiku retreat

Job Openings

We are excited to be expanding our team in several different areas of the company both locally and across the country. Please check out PowerSchool Careers for all open positions and descriptions. If you’d love to be considered for our team, please apply!