Haiku Learning Partners

We love working with educators to provide an easy-to-use digital learning platform that enhances teaching and learning. We love working with other educational technology companies whose products and services complement Haiku Learning. We've met some excellent service providers, and we'd like you to meet them, too.

American School of Bombay

American School of Bombay Logo

The ASB Online Academy is a pioneering initiative of the American School of Bombay (ASB). ASB is recognized as a leader in educational technology, focusing on technological fluency from the earliest years through its renowned 1-to-1 laptop program for all students in grades 1 through 12. The ASB Online Academy leverages this experience to help adults everywhere, both faculty and parents, develop the same skills our children use in their everyday lives to support their work, home, and child’s online life.

We believe that the enhanced digital fluency of adults will not only help maintain a consistent message between home and school, it will also improve critical thinking, efficiency, and collaboration in the workplace. Our ever growing range of technology courses offer opportunities for adults to develop fundamental technology skills as well as the latest Web 2.0 technologies.

The skills our ASB Online Academy students learn are necessary for life in the 21st century, will help foster continuous growth and improve your ability to adapt to the changing world around you. Our courses are flexible and self-paced with the active support of an experienced instructor and facilitator and we use some of the latest tools to connect and learn online together. One of these is Haiku, a Digital Learning Platform, that effectively supports our online learners and instructors.

The ASB Online Academy is open for registration world-wide and accepts registrations from individuals, schools and organizations. We welcome the opportunity to develop personalized cohorts of learners for schools and organizations to meet their digital fluency needs.

See our course listing and current dates on our website, and be sure to like our Facebook page for all the latest news and course dates.


Credly Logo

Credly helps the world recognize lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital open badges and credentials. Thousands of organizations use Credly.com, BadgeOS and other apps empowered by Credly "Open Credit" to make achievements visible.


Desmos Logo

Driven by a commitment to energizing education, Desmos is a software company that creates tools to enhance collaboration inside and outside the classroom. Through dynamic file sharing and editing, multi-user whiteboards, and advanced math features, Desmos is building the framework for education in the 21st century.

G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education Logo

Haiku is proud to be a founding participant in the G Suite Marketplace for Education. Haiku offers single sign on and universal navigation capabilities with the G Suite installations of schools and districts.

Jigsaw Meeting™

Jigsaw Meeting™ Logo

JSM is a web based virtual classroom that promotes interactive virtual learning. Our focus is on the actual learning experience for students and teachers. Studies show that active engagement and hands on learning is necessary for understanding and retention. Our virtual classroom allows students to independently review information and actively participate in class. The multiple accountability tools let teachers make sure their students are paying attention and understanding. JSM ensures students get information, experiential and application learning, all of which is key to complete comprehension and retention.


Noteflight Logo

Noteflight® is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print, and hear music notation with professional quality, right in your web browser. Work on a score from any computer on the Internet, share with other users, or embed into your own pages. Noteflight's partnership with Haiku lets you make the most of Noteflight by creating classroom materials that seamlessly integrate the use of musical scores.

Online School for Girls

Online School for Girls Logo

The Online School for Girls (OSG) is the world's first online independent school and first online single-gender school. OSG offers high school courses, summertime courses, extension courses, and professional development courses all using the Haiku Learning platform. As the first online independent school, OSG is committed to independent school values of high admissions standards, small class sizes, and relationships as critical to the learning process. As a girls’ school, we have a commitment to offering courses that are designed for the ways that girls learn best. Student courses are open for enrollment to girls worldwide who meet admissions standards.

OSG offers many professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. Each online courses allow participants to learn about new theories and tools, apply concepts to their classrooms and administrative jobs, and connect with other educators from around the world. Courses last four weeks, and participants can expect to spend an average of four hours a week engaged in the coursework.

Rustici Software

Rustici Software Logo

Rustici Software creates products that simplify conforming with learning standards like SCORM and AICC. While other companies tolerate them, Rustici Software embraces the standards and their intent. Really, this is all they do.


SoftChalk Logo

SoftChalk, LLC is an award-winning provider of eLearning software for worldwide education and business institutions. Specializing in the development of intuitive, easy-to-use tools, the SoftChalk Content Authoring Solution allow instructors to create powerful and professional-looking content for eLearning and smart classrooms in K12, higher education, and corporate training.


Turnitin Logo

One of the most widely distributed educational applications in the world, Turnitin is the most effective online technology used to manage the submission, tracking and evaluation of student papers online.

The company’s online service for originality checking, interactive grading and peer review, allows instructors to deliver rich, personalized feedback in less time, encouraging notably higher levels of student engagement.

With innovative new features being constantly developed to improve user experience across the curriculum, Turnitin continues to prove itself as the global leader in evaluating and improving student learning.