Security in Haiku Learning

We know you put your trust in Haiku Learning to protect your data from prying eyes while keeping it readily available when you need it. Our commitment to safeguarding your information is, and has always been, our top priority.

Automatic Security Updates

Security updates are installed on our servers automatically, so the platform is always secure. If a security update cannot be automatically installed without customer disruption, Haiku Learning is automatically notified and our security team manually updates our software.

Firewalls & Intrusion Detection/Prevention

We use several layers of defense to protect the servers that run Haiku Learning. CloudFlare protects against DDoS attacks and filters common attacks. Physical firewalls in our data center block unauthorized connections and keep a log of all staff who access our servers.

Security Breach

In the event of a security breach, Haiku Learning will report any confirmed or suspected breach to designated customer contacts as soon as possible after the discovery. If you suspect a breach, contact us at

Personnel Security

We have internal tools that restrict which users have access to customer data. We have a security team that meets regularly to implement policies, and performs onboarding and training.

Physical Security

Our servers are hosted at Rackspace, which has physical security measures including, but not limited to: biometric scanning for controlled data center access by data center technicians, 24/7 onsite staff for additional protection from unlawful entry, security camera monitoring, and regular security auditing by independent firms.

Server Locations

Our servers are located in the United States. For our schools in the European Union: Haiku Learning is compliant with EU Privacy Shield requirements. We are closely watching developments relating to the Privacy Shield and will consider undergoing the Privacy Shield self-certification process when it is fully adopted by the EU.

Vulnerability Scanning

An independent third party conducts quarterly software scans to ensure that Haiku Learning meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Backup & Recovery

We have built-in recovery and retrieval features for deleted classes and content. We do a full backup of Haiku Learning daily, in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Data Access Control

We offer several secure APIs and never give customers or partners direct access to our database.

Secure Connections

All Haiku Learning pages use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, and we're constantly monitoring and improving our encryption configuration to ensure we meet and exceed industry standards.