School & District Administration

Given the speed that technology evolves, the digital learning platform in a school district's technology toolkit has to be one that plays well with other systems and services. Haiku Learning does just that.

Streamlined Control for Administrators

Like everything else about Haiku Learning, setting up your domain is so simple. All the tools you need are available in a Domain Control Panel built just for your IT staff and support personnel. From there they can import users via CSV, monitor logs, masquerade as other users, assign special permissions, generate domain level reports, and monitor statistics of schools, classes, and even individual users.

Single Sign-on with G Suite

Haiku Learning plays well with G Suite because it’s part of the G Suite Marketplace. If you’re already using G Suite then you’re halfway through the process of bringing Haiku Learning to your district. Just add Haiku Learning to your G Suite and go through the quick process of configuring your settings. (The big advantage is that you use your G Suite login to access Haiku Learning—you don’t need separate accounts—and seamlessly move between Google Drive and your Learning Platform!)

Working with an SIS? Got you covered.

Life is much easier when systems sync! See our complete list of the Student Information Systems (SIS) with Haiku Learning integration.

We have several Plug & Play SIS integrations - meaning your SIS connects to Haiku Learning without special configuration or user intervention.

The integration between Haiku Learning and PowerSchool instantly creates classes in Haiku Learning and automatically updates rosters 3x/day. Plus, grades and assignments entered into Haiku Learning automatically show up in PowerTeacher Pro. Both teachers and administrators save valuable time and prevent costly errors. It's just one part of the Unified Classroom Experience!

IMS Global

Integrations Everywhere

Haiku Learning complies with Common Cartridge (IMS) standards, and if your current Learning Platform does, too, then there’s no reason to leave your data in the dust with your old Learning Platform. We also feature integration for:

  • SCORM Modules (1.2 and 2004)
  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) modules
  • Moodle Import (via Moodle Archive 2.0+)
  • Learning Platform Export for Moodle, Angel, Blackboard and more

Haiku Learning plays well with the Content Management Systems (CMS) that manage your schools public website. We've helped schools integrate with CMS like School Yard, Finalsite, and Whipple Hill.

Central Hub for Sharing Classes

Wouldn't it be nice if your teachers could share the high quality content they've created? The Library lets them do just that: It's a place to add and access content created by your colleagues. (And down the road you'll have access to third-party content, too!)

One Class. Multiple Sections. One Web Site.

Ugh! A website for every section of a class? Maintain it separately?! Who wants to do that? Who has time for that?! If you teach more than one section of a course or have shared curriculum needs, you’re going to love this: manage your lesson plan and associate it with multiple rosters. That saves you and your colleagues time that is better served elsewhere. Each roster section has its own class calendar so that you can teach your classes at the pace they learn best.

Custom URL & Branded Login Page

Why not give your users a consistent experience across all of your online properties? Haiku Learning becomes part of your school's identity through a custom web address and, if you'd like, a custom login page that uses your colors and logo.