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Featured Video Tutorials

For Administrators: Domain Control Walkthrough

Our support site has an entire section dedicated to Administrators. You can find help articles on setting up imports and authentication, details on controls and permissions, and other general implementation information. This overview video will get you started. Please visit our administrator forum for more!

For Teachers: Creating Extra Classes for Clubs and Activities

Learn how to set up a class, and designate your class as an extracurricular by creating a class and placing it on the Extras feature. The Extras feature will automatically separate curricular and non-curricular classes on the student’s portal, as designated by the teacher.

For Students: Learn the Basics of Haiku Learning

As a student, you can easily navigate to any of your classes, right from your Haiku Portal. Watch this video to learn more about how Haiku is organized and how to get the most out of your class. For a sample class, visit our student orientation site.

Additional Resources

Student Orientation

The student orientation is an actual Haiku Learning class that teaches students how to use our application. The class introduces students to finding information like grades and assignments and how to participate in various class activities and features like discussions, polls, WikiProjects, and ePortfolios.

Sample Classes

If you're new to online learning, these classes created by teachers using Haiku Learning may help you discover what it's like to take or teach an online course. These samples make up only a small fraction of the total number and possibilities for how your classes can be structured.

Community Forum

Haiku Learning users are great at sharing ideas and resources with each other, and we provide an "official" place for that to happen. Although Haiku Learning provides the space, educators drive the conversation. We're about harmony, simplicity, and community. This is where the community shines.

Release Notes

As a cloud-hosted service, Haiku Learning is regularly bringing great new updates and improvements to your application. Want to know what changed in a specific release of Haiku Learning? Have a look at our release notes.

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